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The 4 C's of identity messaging: Crisp, Concise, Consistent, Content-driven. Add a flash of intrigue and a splash of immediacy for a message that will grow new audiences. 

Crisp: Does it quickly impart a message? Is it memorable? Or does it confuse your viewer?

Concise: iIs it pointed directly to your business message? 

Consistent: Sometimes predictable is a good thing!  When your users know what to expect, they will e confident in recommending you to their own social network. 

Content-driven: This is the fertile area of your strategy, the part that is growing and changing with the growth of your business. Your message may not change, but how you deliver it can be new and invigorating which keeps your users engaged. Developing content that is solid, rich, and educational will reflect on your business. 

Developing a logo that delivers a second look, an eye-catching moment is well-worth investing in.  The logo is an immediate introduction to your business. A logo tells a story, your story.

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