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catalogues, brochure, direct mail, advertising  - consistent branding & identity  -  print production  -  design and art direction  -  photo shoots  -  image retouching

Finding the avenues to promote your business or project is almost as involved as developing the actual creative. Who do you need to talk to and what are they looking at right now? Only once you've answered those questions can you begin targeting the creative output to appeal to this group – and that's where the fun begins! Your advertising will have multiple platforms with selected creative for each. Instant statistics can tell you which market is responding, and which vehicles are getting the most action. 

Can we call it something else? Advertising gets a bad rap most of the time, but if it's done right it's entertainment, not interruption. When it's delivering a clear message and promoting your business correctly it will bring the results you're looking for.

You can't wait with advertising, you need to be promoting your business as of yesterday! You have one glance, a nanosecond to impart your idea and make the viewer become a user.  

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